Employees wanted!
So we are changing things up here at the shop and changing around a few roles, this means we needs at least 3 more engineers!
We are looking for a couple of mild steel dudes and possibly another apprentice and we need a sheety / alloy fella for the shiny side of the business.

We are open to what works for you so if ya live outa town and want to start at 12 on a Monday and finish at 12 on a Friday for the right person were flexible, we also may have a flat available if not other accomodation so just give us a bell! call 03 4489403 or send your cv to centralcustoms@xtra.co.nz

We are moving along with the new technology available and have ordered a new water jet. Water jets are a computer controlled cutting machine that uses high pressure water to cut any material from all types of steel, plastics, rubber, etc. from very thin right through to 300mm so nothing is safe around here! We will be using this to speed up production as with its efficiency we will be able to halve our wait times - so no more long waits.