At Central Custom Engineering we pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship and innovative engineering solutions. There’s no one size fits all approach. We find out exactly what our customers need and then we build it to suit your exact requirements using quality materials, made to last.
Whatever the job, we make the cut.
We have the technology to cut virtually any material, thick or thin thanks to our new waterjet cutter.
Smooth, precise cutting even on the most intricate jobs.
No warping or heat damage even on very thin materials.
Cuts virtually any material, up to 300mm thick
Whether its a stone top bench, a sign for your home or business, parts for the car or a piece of artwork, we can cut it.
For all waterjet enquires email Joshua  - waterjet@centralcustoms.co.nz if you have something in mind.

We are moving along with the new technology available and have ordered a new water jet. Water jets are a computer controlled cutting machine that uses high pressure water to cut any material from all types of steel, plastics, rubber, etc. from very thin right through to 300mm so nothing is safe around here! We will be using this to speed up production as with its efficiency we will be able to halve our wait times - so no more long waits.